Nigel is pleased to welcome you to this site, which is in the process of development. It explains and illustrates his approach to watercolour, the background and scope of his courses, workshops and demonstrations and its suitability for both beginners and any watercolour painter who is keen to develop their understanding of this rewarding medium.

But, why is his approach titled  “Simply”?

Ringed Plover NJS LockwheelingInTheSnow

Well, the Simply Approach is based on the principle that watercolour normally appears more difficult than it really is, because it is not fully understood. To avoid the pitfalls that many tutors, and most self-help books fail to explain, you need to understand the essential nature of watercolour. You gain this knowledge by a structured set of lessons, reinforced by simple, enjoyable exercises, each one building on what has gone before -  and backed up by a comprehensive set of notes

Once you can understand how the various elements, tools and paints work together, you will find that you can avoid making most of the mistakes and frustrations associated with trial and error. And, when you have this knowledge, when things do go awry you can analyse why and make progress to avoid them in the future. Perhaps the best bit is that the knowledge will enable you to adopt any style, and paint any subject that you wish. So, no more feeling that you may be stuck in a rut…

Would the approach be useful to you? 

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